Computer Diagnostics

Whether you’re experiencing performance problems like poor acceleration, hesitation, or engine noises, or your “check engine” light has come on, bring your vehicle to J&J Truck Repair. Our highly trained technicians use advanced computer diagnostic systems to quickly identify the source of the problem. We’ll provide you with a detailed inspection report of your vehicle and an accurate estimate for any repairs needed to fix your truck.

Our computer diagnostics system connects directly to your vehicle’s computer processor, which employs sensors and microchips to log any problems or issues that are present. It can reveal malfunctions with the emissions, transmission, fuel, ignition and other systems.

Quality Auto Repair Is Right Around the Corner

From oil changes to advanced engine and transmission repair, you can always trust J&J Truck Repair to provide you with honest, quality service. The next time your “check engine” light comes on, don’t panic, bring it to J&J Truck Repair for fast, friendly computer diagnostics service.