Differential Repair

Our comprehensive menu of semi-truck differential repair services includes diagnostic troubleshooting featuring the most technologically advanced tools to detect any mechanical issues that are impacting performance. We can execute all types of basic and more complex repair jobs, including front and rear differential overhauls and a total replacement if necessary.

We can also handle ring and piston replacement jobs with ease. What’s more, we offer complete preventative maintenance services that will significantly reduce the likelihood of a major truck differential repair in the future. Our team consists of experienced, certified service technicians who will do the job right the first time.

Quality Truck Repair 24/7

From oil changes to advanced engine and transmission repair, you can always trust J&J Truck Repair to provide you with honest, quality service. The next time your “check engine” light comes on, don’t panic, bring it to J&J Truck Repair for fast, friendly computer diagnostics service.