Electrical Repairs

Today’s vehicles depend on computers and electronics to keep them running reliably and safely. Some of the warning signs of electrical problems include: battery or electrical dashboard warning lights, headlights or taillights that are dim or operate intermittently, a burning plastic smell or blown fuses.

Because many electrical problems are caused by the vehicle’s battery, we often begin with a thorough visual inspection of the battery. Are the terminals corroded? Are the connections secure? We then test the battery to see if it can deliver adequate power, and recommend replacement if necessary. Other components that are included in a vehicle electrical inspection include the alternator, starter and electrical cables and harnesses.

Engine Diagnostics For Electrical Problems

When it is necessary to troubleshoot your vehicle’s electrical system, the experts at J&J Truck Repair can find the source of the problem by utilizing specialized diagnostic equipment. By connecting our computers to your vehicle’s computer, we can directly access its data, including any error codes. Once the cause of the problem is identified, we will explain the problem to you in non-technical language and provide you with an estimate for repairs that are needed to correct the issue.

Quality Truck Repair 24/7

From oil changes to advanced engine and transmission repair, you can always trust J&J Truck Repair to provide you with honest, quality service. The next time your “check engine” light comes on, don’t panic, bring it to J&J Truck Repair for fast, friendly computer diagnostics service.